The Town of Cornish welcomes you.


Town Budget Meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 8, 2018 at 6:00 PM in Pike Hall.

Congratulations to Bill Hoxie - The Town of Cornish's Spirit of America Award Recipient for 2017. Thank you, Bill!

is seeking two new members to serve on the board of directors as representatives for the Town of Cornish. For more information please contact the town office. You are also welcome to email the Rescue's board at

Website Updates:

2-1-18: CPB Minutes brought current

We are pleased to announce that you may use your credit card at the town office.
Please note, a convenience fee will apply.




* * * Updated Recycling guide for 2017: Click here. * * *


Dog licensing begins for the 2018 year. Please contact the Town Office.


See the Shoppers Guide for additional details.

New “General Assistance” hours are Tuesday from 10 am to 12 noon at Pike Hall.

Non-Emergency Line for YCSO: 207 324-1113
DIAL 911 for immediate emergency asssitance.

Questions/Concerns Form:

There is a form available at the Town Office which can be picked up during business hours on which a concern/question may be presented to the selectmen. It may also be downloaded by clicking here. The issue will be investigated and a response given.

Emergency Shelters:
Since the closing of Cornish Elementary School, the nearest EMERGENCY shelter would be South Hiram Elementary. The Shelter is opened if an emergency has been declared by Emergency Management who would deem it necessary. In the event of a situation which has not been declared an emergency, individuals are encouraged to call Red Cross for information or assistance.


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Volunteer Opportunity
The Town of Cornish would like to invite anyone who has an interest in helping preserve veteran’s graves for the Town to contact Emily Ward at the Town Office. Phone 625-4324 or email